You Can Vote Even if You Can't Sign Your Name


You Can Vote Even if You Can't Sign Your Name

This pub tells you how to vote even if you cannot sign your name. It tells you about signature stamps. It tells you who can get one and how to get it.

CA Elections Code § 354.5

You can make a mark

A mark must be accompanied by the written name of the person. The name must be written by a witness over the age of 18.

You can use a signature stamp

A signature stamp may be used as a signature if a witness over 18 years of age also hand writes your name. However, you must have either (1) registered to vote on line and have had your signature stamp approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles and transmitted to the Secretary of State; or (2) used the stamp on an affidavit in the presence of a county official.

What can be on a signature stamp?

  • The actual signature of the person with a disability.
  • A mark or symbol adopted by the person with a disability.
  • A signature of the name of a person with a disability that is made by another person and is adopted by the person with the disability.

Who can use a signature stamp?

  • A person with a disability who, by reason of that disability is unable to write and owns a signature stamp.
  • A person using the signature stamp on behalf of the owner of the stamp, in the presence of the owner with the owner’s consent.



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