DRC Regional Center Vendor Reporting

Welcome to the incident and monthly data reporting portal. This is a secure website that regional center vendors may use to submit incident reports and data reports required by law to be reported to Disability Rights California.

Important submission links and forms

Online Incident Report | Online Monthly Data Collection Report |  Incident Reporting Form Monthly Reporting Form

You can also download and submit your reports by fax at 1-888-768-7057.

Reporting requirements

You are required to make these reports if you are a regional center vendor who provides any of the following vendored services:

  1. Crisis or residential services, including community crisis homes and mental health rehabilitation centers
  2. Supported living services
  3. Long-term health care facilities, or
  4. Acute psychiatric hospitals

You are required to report by the close of the following business day the following incidents:

  1. Allegation of sexual assault of resident involving staff
  2. Allegation of physical abuse of resident by staff, reported to local law enforcement
  3. Serious injury occurring during or related to restraint or seclusion
  4. Resident death occurring during or related to restraint or seclusion
  5. Resident unexpected or suspicious death NOT related to restraint or seclusion

You are required to report monthly:

  1. Data on the number of seclusion incidents and the duration of each seclusion incident
  2. Data on the number of behavioral restraint incidents and the duration of incident; and
  3. Data on the number of time involuntary emergency medication is used to control behavior

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Reporting Background and Criteria

In 2016 a new law went into effect that requires certain regional center vendors to report certain incidents involving regional center consumers directly to DRC.  See Welfare and Institutions Code §4659.2.  The new law requires all regional center vendors that provide crisis or residential services or supported living services, long-term health care facilities, and acute psychiatric hospitals to report to all of the following :

1. Each death or serious injury of a person occurring during, or related to, the use of seclusion, physical restraint, or chemical restraint, or any combination thereof.
2. Any unexpected or suspicious death, regardless of whether the cause is immediately known.
3. Any allegation of sexual assault, as defined in Section 15610.63, in which the alleged perpetrator is a staff member, service provider, or facility employee or contractor.
4. Any report made to the local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction in which the facility is located that involves physical abuse, as defined in Section 15610.63, in which a staff member, service provider, or facility employee or contractor is implicated.

The new law also requires that vendors submit monthly reports to DRC of aggregate data for the following:

1.  The number of incidents of seclusion and the duration of time spent per incident in seclusion.
2.  The number of incidents of the use of behavioral restraints and the duration of time spent per incident of restraint.
3.  The number of times an involuntary emergency medication is used to control behavior.


Who is required to submit these reports?

Regional Center vendors who provide the following services are required to report:

  1. crisis or residential services;
  2. supported living services;
  3. long-term health care facilities; or
  4. acute psychiatric hospital

Does the reporting replace existing reporting obligations?

No, this new reporting requirement is in addition to all pre-existing reporting duties that vendors are subject to. It does not replace special incident reporting to Regional Centers or agencies pursuant to the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act. You also must still report to licensing agencies if applicable.

How Do You Report?

DRC has created a secure online portal through which you can submit both incident reports and monthly data. You do not need a login in order to submit your reports.  A notification will be auto-generated to DRC once your report is submitted.
Alternatively, you can also fax your forms to 1-888-768-7057

When are the reports due?

All incident reports must be submitted by the close of business on the day of occurrence or discovery.  Monthly reports should be submitted to DRC by the 10th day of the following month. We invite you to use the forms provided online or in this notice. You may develop your own reporting form, please ensure it contains all of the required information. 

Do you submit a monthly report if there were no reportable restraint or seclusion events?

Yes.  We encourage you to submit reports monthly of your facility or agency’s restraint or seclusion use, even when there are no reportable events you should still submit a report. Please indicate “0” when asked for a number. This allows DRC to verify that you are aware of and meeting your reporting obligation. 

.What about client confidentiality?

All information submitted to DRC remains confidential. Please do not submit client names or HIPAA protected information in the incident reports.

Reporting Law

Please visit this link on Legislature.ca.gov for further information.