Rehabilitation Services and Comparable Benefits and Services Fact Sheet


Rehabilitation Services and Comparable Benefits and Services Fact Sheet

This pub explains that DOR will not pay for services you can get from others. It tells you what types of services you may get from others. It tells you the law that allows DOR to do this.

Disclaimer: This publication is legal information only and is not legal advice about your individual situation. It is current as of the date posted. We try to update our materials regularly. However, laws are regularly changing. If you want to make sure the law has not changed, contact DRC or another legal office.

Your Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE) defines the vocational rehabilitation (VR) services you can receive from the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). Services you can receive from DOR under your IPE include but are not limited to (29 U.S.C. § 723 (a); tit 9 CCR § 7149):

  • an assessment for determining eligibility and VR needs;
  • vocational counseling, guidance, and referral services;
  • physical and mental restoration services;
  • vocational and other training, including on-the-job training;
  • maintenance for additional costs incurred while the individual is receiving certain VR services;
  • transportation-related to other VR services;
  • interpreter services for individuals who are deaf;
  • reader services for individuals who are blind;
  • services to assist students with disabilities to transition from school to work; personal assistance services (including training in managing, supervising, and directing personal assistance services) while an individual is receiving VR services; 
  • rehabilitation technology services and devices;
  • supported employment services; and
  • job placement services.

What are Comparable Benefits and Services?

The DOR is a payer of last resort for many services. This means that the DOR will not pay for a service if a similar benefit is available through some other agency or program.

Comparable benefits and services are defined in tit 9 CCR § 7006 (a) as services and benefits that are provided or paid for, in whole or in part, by other Federal, State, or local public agencies, by health insurance, or by employee benefits; available to the DOR consumer when needed to ensure that the consumer can meet the employment outcome in their Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE); and similar to the services that the individual would otherwise receive from the DOR.

If you have questions or problems with the services you receive from the DOR, you can contact the Client Assistance Program (CAP) at Disability Rights California at 1-800-776-5746.