Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and Transportation Funding


Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and Transportation Funding

Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) will pay for your transportation, if you need transportation for work. This pub tells you what kind of transportation DOR will pay for. It also tells you when DOR will pay you to use your own car.

Can DOR help pay for my transportation while I am a DOR client?

Yes. Transportation “means travel and related expensed that are necessary to enable an applicant or eligible individual to participate in a vocational rehabilitation service”. See C.C.R. Tit. 9 Section 7029.

The following are examples of expenses that meet the definition of transportation:

  • Actual cost of transportation;
  • Necessary bridge tolls, parking, gasoline, or oil;
  • Relocation expenses incurred by an eligible individual in connection with ajob placement;
  • The purchase and repair of vehicles. See C.C.R. Tit. 9 Section 7029(b)(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

What type of transportation assistance can DOR provide to me?

The mode of transportation is based on the least costly mode which meets the special needs of the client. This includes public buses, dial a ride, rapid transit, client-owned vehicle, taxi cab, limousine, charter bus, carpools and payment to co-workers, and car rental agencies. See C.C.R. Tit. 9 Section 7161(c)(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6).

For example, in San Diego the monthly public transportation cost for a person with a disability is $18.00. If public transportation meets the client’s needs, and the client qualifies for the disability rate, DOR can pay the $18.00 monthly bus pass for the client.

DOR usually pays by providing a check to the client at the beginning of each month to purchase the monthly public transportation pass. Tit. 9 Section 7162(e).

What if public transportation does not meet my needs? Can I use my car and get help with paying for gas?

Maybe. DOR can provide a monthly transportation allowance if the client can demonstrate that a client-owned vehicle must be used because:

  1. The client is required to operate his/her own vehicle to complete an Individualized plan for employment (IPE).
  2. A publicly owned or contracted mode of transportation is not readily available or would cause undue hardship to the client. Section 7162 (b)(1)(2)

Readily available and undue hardship shall be determined by considering such factors as:

  • The special needs of the client.
  • The proximity of public transportation to the client’s home and his/her destination.
  • The frequency of public transportation at the times of day during which the client will be traveling. Section 7162(b)(2)(A)(B)(C)1

How much is the monthly transportation allowance if I meet the criteria for driving my own vehicle?

The regulations require DOR to pay for “the lesser of actual costs or fifteen cents per mile for vehicles…or twenty cents per mile for vans specially adapted to meet the client’s needs.” Section 7162(b)(3)(A)(B).

However, if this reimbursement rate would not “enable an applicant or eligible individual to participate in a vocational rehabilitation service,” then the rate should be the actual cost of the travel. C.C.R. Tit. 9 Section 7029.

Can DOR require that I participate in the cost of transportation?

Like other DOR services, clients may be required to financially participate unless they are exempt from financial participation. See 9 C.C.R. Tit. 9 Section 7190 and 7191. Client’s receiving SSDI, SSI or public assistance are exempt from financial participation, including transportation. Section 7191(a)(1)(2)(3).

1 DOR is subject to both the Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. These laws require DOR to make modifications to their policies and practices. Therefore, if a person can demonstrate that their disability prohibits them from accessing public transportation, DOR may provide as a reasonable modification a monthly allowance for the client to use alternative transportation that meets the needs of the client. – (Return to main document)



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