There is No Safety Here:
The Dangers for People with Mental Illness and Other Disabilities in Immigration Detention at GEO Group’s Adelanto ICE Processing Center

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Screen capture of the homepage for the Census Counts website. It shows a close up image of a face of an African American woman

2020 Census must be FAIR and ACCURATE

Every ten years the Constitution requires that the population of the United States be counted. Today, one year from Census Day 2020, the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) and people across the country are demanding a fair and accurate count.
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Fact Sheet: Service Animals in Business and Public Spaces

You cannot bring emotional support animals into businesses or public places. You can bring service animals to those places. This pub tells you how to know if your animal is a service animal. If a business does not let you have your service animal, this pub tells you what you can do to keep your animal with you.

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Civil Rights Groups Prevail in Lawsuit to Require Secretary of State to Improve Voter Registration Opportunities

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abuse and neglect

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Disability Community Toolkit

While people with disabilities make up 22% of the American public according to figures released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in August 2018, they remain largely a neglected, albeit sizeable minority...
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How We’re Making a Difference

years of serving people with disabilities.
individuals served by our staff.
individuals impacted through our systemic litigation.
publications created with many translated into 11 languages.