Our organization's commitment to diversity

California's rich diversity and our vision of creating a barrier free inclusive world are the foundation of our diversity efforts. We recognize becoming a more disability and culturally competent organization is a long-term commitment.

We believe to serve people with disabilities effectively; our board and staff must reflect California. Diversity comes from qualities such as disability, language, ethnicity, gender, age, race, culture, sexual orientation, and life experiences.

As a disability advocacy organization, we are committed to implementing our advocacy principles in the workplace including:

  1. Hiring people with disabilities
  2. Implementing model employment practices including reasonable accommodations and accessibility throughout the workplace
  3. Involving people with disabilities in decision making at all levels of the organization

Our goal is to serve people with disabilities from racial and ethnic diverse communities. To accomplish this, we have a comprehensive outreach program. We use a variety of best approaches to serve the diverse group of Californians with disabilities by:

  1. Valuing different views
  2. Appreciating different learning styles
  3. Recognizing language and cultural issues

To make sure our services are accessible to people who do not speak English or are Deaf, we hire staff who speak other languages, provide interpreters and translate our self-advocacy materials into other languages, formats and American Sign Language.