Board of Directors of Disability Rights California

The Board of Directors guides DRC. It helps us create and live up to our mission and vision.

Our Board represents the people we serve. A majority is people with disabilities. The Board reflects California’s socioeconomic, ethnic, geographic, and disability diversity.

We appoint Board members based on interest. We also look at experience in disability issues. To oversee our legal work, at least 20% of the Board are practicing California lawyers.

Our Board meets four times per year. It meets in places around the state. DRC pays for all travel, room, and meal costs for the meetings. We offer reasonable disability-related accommodations. Board members are not paid. Review the Board job description, how to apply and frequently asked questions.

Public Members on Board Committees

The Board wants to hear from and work with California’s diverse disability community. To make sure diverse communities affect the Board’s work, the Board Committees include public members.

Public members serve as full members on Committees. They receive all Committee materials. They vote on Committee matters. Public members serve a three-year term. Committees include Finance, Legislation, Program and Planning, Nominating, and Fundraising. The Board officers serve on the Executive Committee. 

Board Advisory Committees

DRC has two Advisory Committees.

Federal law requires DRC to have a PAIMI (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Act) Advisory Council. They give advice about services for people with mental health disabilities. They review PAIMI goals and priorities. They assist with the annual PAIMI Program Performance Review process.  

Our contract with the Department of Developmental Services calls for us to have the OCRA (Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy) Advisory Committee. The Committee gives advice about services for regional center clients.

Visit the Board Members Resource Page