Vision, Mission, Advocacy Principles

Vision, Mission, Advocacy Principles

Several photos laying on top of each other. The photos show people of different ages and races who all have a disability.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Disability Rights California (DRC) defends, advances, and strengthens the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities.

Our Vision

drc works for a world where all disabled people have power and are treated with dignity and respect. In this world, people with disabilities are supported, valued, included in their communities, afforded the same opportunities as people without disabilities, and make their own decisions.

Our Values

drc values all forms of human diversity. We are committed to a culture of belonging where all people are welcome. In order to be effective advocates for all people with disabilities, we must address discrimination in all its forms, including the unique challenges faced by people who experience the intersection of multiple systems of discrimination.

Strategic Goals

Demonstrate our values by championing and modeling diversity, equity, and inclusion. = Keyword: Equity

  • Create an inclusive drc culture where all people are welcomed and valued.
  • Engage the disability community in anti-racism and equity efforts and promote disability inclusion with allied communities.
  • Improve equity in who benefits from Disability Rights California’s work.

Improve accountability and responsiveness to the individuals and communities we serve and represent. = Keyword: Accountability

  • Evaluate and report on the impact of Disability Rights California’s work.
  • Improve the satisfaction of people who use or request our services.
  • Collect and use meaningful data to advance equity and accountability.

Pursue and secure the resources we need to respond creatively to community priorities. = Keyword: Resources

  • Generate new flexible funding, while preserving core funding.
  • Invest sustainably in shared community priorities.
  • Assist partner organizations to grow their capacity as we grow ours.

Connect with diverse individuals and organizations to grow the disability movement. = Keyword: Connection

  • Identify and cultivate diverse leaders.
  • Work with and support other organizations to develop and carry out a shared agenda.
  • Learn from and lift up unserved and underserved communities.

Increase the visibility of Disability Rights California’s work through consistent and compelling communications. = Keyword: Visibility

  • Produce strong educational content and highlight Disability Rights California’s expertise.
  • Reach non-English speaking audiences in their native languages through new platforms.
  • Identify, connect, and engage allies with influence across social media and other platforms.