Coronavirus - Vaccines

Coronavirus - Vaccines

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccines

*This page will be updated as more information is made available

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COVID-19 Vaccine for Individuals with Disabilities 

Disability Rights Can Help You If You Are Having:

  1. Issues getting information from another organization’s website due to accessibility.
  2. Issues at vaccine site locations due to accessibility.
  3. Issues calling in to phone lines about the vaccine due to accessibility.

We can talk to you about your questions, determine how we can help, and get you the information that you need.
For assistance, please contact the Disability Rights California confidential intake line at 1-800-776-5746, or TTY: 1-800-719-5798, available 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

For Updates on Vaccine Eligibility and Locations

For Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Guidelines


For More Information visit:

CFILC and DOnetwork's COVID-19 Disability Community Advocacy and Information Toolkit

California COVID-19 Website

Department of Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine Website

Department of Developmental Services: Vaccines and Testing Information

Specific Letters and Guidance

Updated 03/4/2021 - DFEH Employment Information on COVID-19

Updated 03/11/2021 - California Department of Public Health Fact Sheet- ​Vaccines for People with High-Risk Medical Conditions or Disabilities

Updated 03/09/2021 - Department of Developmental Services Directive 01-030921: Contacting Consumers Ages 16 through 64 Regarding Eligibility for Covid-19 Vaccination (pdf)

Updated 02/26/2021 - Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) FAQ – Covid-19, Vaccines, and Californians with Disabilities

Updated 02/13/2021- California Department of Public Health Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Guidelines, including family member caregivers

Updated 02/12/2021 - California Department of Public Health Provider Bulletin regarding vaccine prioritization for persons age 16-64

Updated 01/13/2021 – Letters from Department of Developmental Services Clarifying COVID-19 Vaccination Eligibility for Phase 1: