Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Education during COVID-19: Resource Links

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Education during COVID-19: Resource Links

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Education during COVID-19: Resource Links

February 15, 2022

Government Resources: Resources and information from California and the Federal Government

California’s Covid19 Education Webpage: Covid 19 related information published by the state.

The California Department of Education’s Coronavirus Response and  School Reopening Guidance: This resource published by the California Department of Education (“CDE”) provides specific information regarding school opening, including information regarding special education.

The California Department of Education’s Coronavirus Webinars: Webinars and trainings from the state Department of Education that you can access and stream at home.

The California Department of Education’s Additional Coronavirus Resources: Additional Covid 19 related materials from CDE.

The California Department of Education’s COVID-19 English Learner Resources: Materials from the CDE specifically relating to English Learners and their families.

Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019: Messages for parents, school staff, and others working with children A resource from the national CDC directed toward anyone discussing Covid issues with children.

Parent and Family Resources from Advocacy Organizations

Child Trends and the Child Trauma Training Center’s Resources for Supporting Children’s Emotional Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance, recommendations, and resources are provided by child trauma experts at Child Trends and the Child Trauma Training Center at the University of Massachusetts.

Child Mind Institute Resources Page, Supporting Families During COVID-19: Resources, including videos and publications, for families during Covid-19

COVID-19 Resources, webinars, and helpful links from The Arc of California: Covid related materials, links, and multimedia resources for Californians with disabilities and their families.

Respectability’s Virtual Education & Students With Disabilities Resource Guide: Resources for students with disabilities navigating virtual education.

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund’s COVID 19 Advocacy and Resources: Resources for advocating for individuals with disabilities experiencing Covid-19 related challenges.

First Five Association of California COVID-19 Resources: Resources published by the First Five Association of California, aimed for children aged 0-5 and their families. Coronvirus Latest Updates: Updates relating to Coronavirus and school learning.

Gatepath San Mateo: Gatepath’s San Mateo County specific Covid 19 resources/links (San Mateo County):

Parents Helping Parents (PTI): Covid 19 resources for parents and families

Support For Families of Children with Disabilities (PTI)

Alliance for Children’s Rights: Information and other resources regarding Covid 19 and educational rights, provided by the Alliance for Children’s Rights  

National Center for Learning Disabilities:  Parent resources for Covid 19 related issues  provided by the National Center for Learning Disabilities

Hands and Voices (for DHH children): Covid 19 information for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children