Coronavirus - Access to Medications (For people with Medi-Cal)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Access to Medications (For people with Medi-Cal)

*This page will be updated as more information is made available

This is for people on Medi-Cal who are not sure how they’ll get their medications.

Access to Medications

You may be able to have your medication delivered. There are medication delivery services online. Contact your health plan to get information about having your medication delivered.

You can find your managed care plan here -

If you have Fee for Service Medi-Cal, look up which local pharmacies accept Medi-Cal and deliver by mail.

If you must pick up your medication, look for pharmacies that have drive-through windows or curbside pick-ups. You may need to ask a family member, friend, or neighbor to help you with this.

Stocking up on Medications

Medi-Cal allows pharmacies to provide up to 100-day supply of most medications. Also, if 75% of the days between when the prescription was first filled has gone by, you can get a refill on many medications. You can make sure that you have enough medication to get you through several months.

Pharmacies must supply medications in an emergency. Pharmacies may provide emergency medications for patients impacted by COVID-19. For more information -

Other Questions

For general Medi-Cal pharmacy benefits questions -


For PDF Version & References visit: Access to Medications (For people with Medi-Cal)