2018 Position Letters - Budget Letters


2018 Position Letters - Budget Letters

Position Letters on State Budget Issues

California Community Transitions Program Funding Request - Support

California Community Transitions (CCT) program plays a fundamental role in helping seniors and people with disabilities transition back into the community from long-term care and institutional settings. Unfortunately, the funding for this critical program is phasing out at the federal level, and the state has not proposed its continuation beyond the end of federal funding. Specifically, we ask the state to continue annual funding for the CCT at $19.1 million in ongoing General Fund (GF) dollars, to reflect both the state contributions and the discontinued federal funds when those end.

pdf version 5-4-18 assembly support letter
pdf version 5-4-18 senate support letter

California Correctional Health Care Services Budget Request: 5225-127-BCP-2018-GB- Janitorial Services at the California Health Care Facility - Oppose

The California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) has submitted a Budget Change Proposal (BCP) requesting funding and positions to transition from a janitorial contract with PRIDE Industries to civil service positions. The plan proposed by the BCP does not assure the approximately 121 custodial employees would retain their employment at CCHCS, should they so choose.

pdf version 5-15-18 assembly & senate oppose letter

California Eugenics Sterilization Compensation Program Funding Request - Support

DRC requests a $5.5 million budget allocation to establish and fund the California Eugenics Sterilization Compensation Program. This important program will be used to redress past harm caused to Californians who were involuntarily sterilized under the State’s eugenics laws.

pdf version 5-15-18 assembly & senate support letter

Deaf Access Program Ongoing Funding Increase Request - Support

DRC supports the request for a $4.1 million ongoing funding increase for the Deaf Access Program (DAP) from $4.7 million included in the Governor’s proposed budget to $8.8 million. This augmentation will provide increased access to DAP services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.

pdf version 4-5-18 assembly support letter
pdf version 5-1-18 senate support letter

DRC Budget Conference Committee Position

Disability Rights California (DRC) is a non-profit advocacy organization that advances and protects the rights of Californians with disabilities, including health and mental health, housing, accessibility, education other issues that directly impact the lives and well-being of persons with disabilities.

DRC Budget Conference Committee Position 05-30-18 (pdf)
DRC Budget Conference Committee Position 05-30-18 (rtf)

Family Empowerment Centers (FEC) Budget Request – Support

FECs were established by the Legislature in 2001 to address the significant challenges parents face in obtaining services for their children with disabilities, and to reduce conflicts between parents and school districts. Funding levels have not changed since 2001. This resulted in a funding stream that has not kept pace with increasing demand for FEC services or cost-of-living increases.

5-17-18 Assembly Support Letter (pdf)