2020 Selected Signed and Vetoed Bills Affecting Persons with Disabilities

September 30, 2020 was the deadline for Governor Newsom to sign or veto bills passed by the legislature in this, by all accounts, an extraordinary legislative year. The year was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in a number of recesses and delays.  As a result, the course of legislative business was anything but normal: bills hearings were held remotely, many bills were not even heard, and schedules were condensed to accommodate the COVID-caused recesses and delays and passing the 2020-21 Budget Act. There were 2,223 bills introduced in 2020 (not including constitutional amendments and resolutions). However, only 428 bills made it to the Governor’s desk this year. The Governor signed 372 bills and vetoed 56 (13.08%). See, How Often do Governors Say No, California Senate Office of Research, October 2020, for a historical analysis

During the 2020 legislative year, DRC analyzed or reviewed 422 bills, 5 resolutions, and 1 constitutional amendment in 45 subject areas and took either a support or oppose position on 153 of them and monitored the remainder throughout the year. The majority of the bills were in health, housing, intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental health, public safety and voting issue areas.

This year, Disability Rights California sponsored or cosponsored twelve bills. Due to COVID, only one (SB 214 (Dodd)) made it to the Governor’s desk and was signed.

This summary is intended to highlight selected enacted bills affecting persons with disabilities and includes the reasons provided by the Governor for the bills he vetoed.