Abuse, Neglect, and Crimes Against People with Disabilities

Abuse, Neglect, and Crimes Against People with Disabilities

Disability Rights California Advocacy and Community Engagement (ACE) Program provides legal services, guidance, resources, trainings, education, and community advocacy to Californians with disabilities.

DRC Program

Abuse, Neglect, and Crimes Against People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are at a higher risk of abuse, neglect and being victims of crime. Estimates show they are at least four to ten times more likely victims than people without disabilities are.

To protect and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, DRC uses our monitoring authority we may:

  • Investigate incidents of abuse and neglect if the incident is reported to DRC or if DRC determines that there is probable cause to believe the incident occurred. 
  • Pursue administrative, legal, and other appropriate remedies or approaches to ensure the protection of rights of eligible persons with disabilities. 
  • Provide information, referral and training concerning programs and services addressing needs of eligible individuals, and training about individual rights and services available from DRC. 

How Can I Report Abuse?

If you are a victim of abuse or neglect, or if you have knowledge of an incident, you can report it to law enforcement, adult protective services, or licensing agencies. Abuse and neglect of dependent adults and elders is a crime.

You can report any incident of abuse or neglect to the police or local law enforcement agency.  

Or, If the incident of abuse or neglect occurred in:

To learn more about abuse, neglect, and how to report view our publications here: https://www.disabilityrightsca.org/publications/abuse-and-neglect