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California Governor and Chief Justice Release Statements Criticizing the Proposed Federal Immigration Raids

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DRC Spotlights Stories
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Food Money for SSI Recipients!

In 2019, people who get SSI can get more money every month for food! Click below for more information!
Featured Publication

Prepare for Hearing: IHSS Terminations or Reductions in Hours

This publication will help you review and challenge reductions or termination of your In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) hours. This publication contains four tools to help you get the information you need to prepare for a fair hearing.

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Legislative Advocacy

Public Policy

DRC’s legislative staff advocate in the California State Legislature and with the Governor on legislation and the state budget. We focus on legislation and budget items that impact people with disabilities and public programs that provide services and supports.
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Help DRC prevent abuse and neglect

DRC launched a project to investigate conditions at Adelanto Detention Center, the largest civil immigration detention center in California, in early 2018. Help us prevent abuse and neglect.
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Disability Community Toolkit

While people with disabilities make up 22% of the American public according to figures released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in August 2018, they remain largely a neglected, albeit sizeable minority...
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How We’re Making a Difference

years of serving people with disabilities.
individuals served by our staff.
individuals impacted through our systemic litigation.
publications created with many translated into 11 languages.