DRC honors client Eric Ybarra for his tireless self-advocacy

Photo of Eric Ybarra

The DRC Board of Directors and staff recently honored client Eric Ybarra for his tireless self-advocacy. Eric, who is blind, relies on In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) workers to help him with daily tasks. He could not sign his worker’s timesheets without help. This caused him problems with government agencies – one refused to accept his signature on legal documents. However, Eric didn’t give up the fight to be independent and responsible for verifying support staff timesheets.  He worked with Christine Hager, assistant clients’ rights advocate. She told him DRC had reached a settlement with the State Department of Social Services to develop a TTS/Telephone Timesheet System. It allows IHSS recipients to submit their provider’s timesheets electronically. Christine had to remind the local IHSS office about the agreement! “If it hadn’t been for Christine and DRC, I wouldn’t have this new technology that gives me some independence.”