OCRA Annual Report 07/2005 - 06/2006

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OCRA Annual Report 07/2005 - 06/2006


OCRA Annual Report
07/2005 - 06/2006

Annual Report
Annual Report

Exhibit A - OCRA Staff Roster
OCRA Staff Roster

Exhibit B - OCRA Statistics
Report by Age Group
Report by Country
Report by Disability
Report by Ethnicity
Report by Gender
Report by Living Arrangement
Report by Problem Codes

Exhibit C - Client Satisfaction Survey
Client Satisfaction Survey

Exhibit D - Outreach and Training Report
Outreach and Training Report

Exhibit E - OCRA Advisory Committee
Report by Service Level

Exhibit F - Advocacy Reports
Advocacy Reports Spring | Advocacy Reports Summer

Exhibit G - Denial of Rights
Denial of Client's Rights

Exhibit H - Attorney's Fees
Attorney Fees

Exhibit I - Consumer Grievances
Consumer Grievances with Contractors