2019 Legislative Scorecard The Bills

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The 2019 Scorecard Bills

AB 32 (Bonta) – Halting Private, For-Profit Prisons and Immigration Detention Facilities in California:

Phases out the use of all private, for-profit prisons and immigration detention facilities in California by prohibiting state contracts with private prison companies after January 1, 2020 which DRC has found provide inadequate medical and mental health care for persons with disabilities.
DRC Support. Signed.

Removing Barriers to Full Competitive Integrated Employment of Persons with Disabilities
The Governor’s veto of AB 365 (C. Garcia) was a setback toward increasing the employment of persons with disabilities in California state government. The veto was particularly disappointing because it was a modest step toward improvements in the state civil service system’s entry point for hiring persons with disabilities. The state must serve as a model for all of the employers in the state and increase the representation of persons with disabilities in the workforce.

AB 365 (C. Garcia) - Removes Barriers to State Civil Service Employment to Bring More Persons with Disabilities into the State Workforce:

Would have required CalHR, in consultation with stakeholders, to develop and implement a plan for Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP) improvements and, require CalHR to identify five departments which have at least 100 employees and have not been successful in hiring persons with disabilities to work with the departments to implement new strategies to improve their ability to bring persons with disabilities into the state workforce.
DRC Sponsor. Vetoed

AB 506 (Kalra) – Nursing Home Deaths and Citations:

Would have established consistency and conformity in the law by providing a more accurate, updated definition for determining when a long-term health care facility is responsible for a resident’s death; and increases the penalty amounts for facility safety and death violations, based on recommendations from the 2018 State Audit report.
DRC Sponsor. Vetoed.

AB 947 (Quirk-Silva) – Expands the Core Curriculum for Visually Impaired Pupils in Special Education:

Establishes an expanded core curriculum for students who are blind, have low vision, or are visually impaired, which includes compensatory skills, such as braille and concept development, orientation and mobility, career technical education, assistive devices, independent living skills; and authorizes local educational agencies (LEAs) to consider the expanded core curriculum when developing students’ individualized education programs.
DRC Support. Signed.

AB 1088 (Wood) – Improving Stability in Medi-Cal Eligibility:

Stops beneficiaries from bouncing between free and share-of-cost Medi-Cal by treating Medicare deductions the same for applicants as for recipients ensuring that low-income seniors and persons with disabilities can access the medical care they need.
DRC Cosponsor. Signed.

AB 1172 (Frazier) – Increasing Nonpublic School Oversight and Implementing Behavior Intervention Plans:

Provides the California Department of Education greater oversight of nonpublic schools to ensure improved student health and safety; and, requires that a nonpublic school serving students with significant behavioral needs have an individual on site who is qualified to implement behavior interventions using evidence-based practices and interventions specific to students’ unique behavioral needs.
DRC Support. Signed.

AB 1482 (Chiu) – Provides Renter Protections with Rent Caps and Just Cause Evictions:

Limits rent gouging by capping rent increases and requiring evictions be based on just cause thereby protecting persons with disabilities who often rely on public benefits and other fixed incomes.
DRC Support. Signed

SB 303 (Wieckowski) – Protects Conservatees Homes and Public Benefits:

Limits the ability of a conservator to sell a conservatee’s home only by a showing through clear and convincing evidence of the need to sell the home; and, protects a conservatee’s public benefits from compensating a conservator unless deemed by the court as necessary to sustain the support and maintenance of the ward or conservatee.
DRC Support. Signed.

SB 329 (Mitchell) – Prohibits Discrimination in Housing Based on Tenants Source of Income:

Clarifies the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) that housing vouchers are included within California’s prohibition on discrimination based on source of income.
DRC Support. Signed.

SB 398 (Durazo) – Conforms Protection and Advocacy Agency State Access Authority to Federal Law and Includes Immigration Detention Facilities within the Authority:

Assures that California’s Protection and Advocacy agency can effectively investigate, under state law, abuse, neglect, or other violations of the rights of persons with disabilities, including those held in immigration detention facilities.
DRC Sponsored. Signed.

SB 695 (Portantino) – Translation of Individualized Education Program Documents:

Would have ensured parents whose native language is not English meaningful participation in their children’s education by requiring a school district to provide a translated individualized education plan within 30 days.
DRC Sponsored. Vetoed.

SB 10 (Beall) – Mental Health Peer Support Certification:

Would have established a statewide peer support specialist certification program as part of the state’s mental health delivery system joining nearly every other state that has a similar program.
DRC Support. Vetoed.

This year the legislature passed and the Governor signed legislation to expand involuntary commitments of individuals with mental health needs. DRC opposed this bill. SB 40 (Wiener) undid a provision in SB 1045 (Wiener) passed and signed last year permitting voluntary outpatient treatment services before utilization of the new holds. Both of these bills are misdirected responses to failures in the broken mental health delivery systems and a return to failed models of institutionalization rather than robust community services and housing. We can and must do better. DRC will continue to oppose bills that take responses to homelessness and mental disabilities in this direction.

SB 40 (Wiener) – Deprives Rights of Homeless individuals with Mental Health Disabilities by Expanding Conservatorships:

Amends SB 1045 (Wiener) passed last year by deleting the right to voluntary outpatient services contained in that bill before allowing a newly-created housing conservatorship.
DRC Opposed. Signed.

SB 78 (Sen. Budget Committee) – Health Budget Trailer Bill:

Includes implementing language to raise Medi-Cal eligibility to 138% of the federal poverty level for the Aged and Disabled program (individuals 65 and older) as contained in AB 715 (Wood), cosponsored by DRC, that was funded in the Budget Act of 2019.
DRC Support. Signed.

SB 81 (Sen. Budget Committee) – Developmental Services Trailer Bill:

Provides numerous provisions that require greater Regional Center transparency and accountability and improves services for individuals in crisis or who have complex behavior needs; limits the use of restraints in community crisis homes; and approves an across-the-board provider rate increase.
DRC Support. Signed.

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