2018 Legislative Scorecard - The Bills


The 2018 Scorecard Bills

AB 1810 (Assembly Budget Committee) Health Trailer Bill:

Creates a two-year pretrial diversion program for felony defendants with mental disorders to allow them to undergo mental health treatment, and if successfully completed, requires expungement of the arrest; funded with $113 million in the budget.
DRC Support. Signed.

AB 1811 (Assembly Budget Committee) Human Services Trailer Bill:

Eliminates the SSI/SSP CalFresh cash-out policy ensuring that individuals enrolled in SSI/SSP receive federal food benefits and holds harmless anyone who may have lost benefits because of the change; funded with $200 million in the budget. Provides for an annual cost-of-living adjustment to the SSP benefit payment commencing July 1, 2022.
DRC Support. Signed.

AB 1827 (Assembly Budget Committee) No Place Like Home Act Trailer Bill:

Enacts the No Place Like Home Act which secures a $2 billion bond to build supportive housing linked with intensive wraparound services for people with serious illness who are homeless or at grave risk of becoming homeless. Provides for the submission of the Act to the voters at the statewide general election, which passed the Act on November 6.
DRC Support. Signed.

AB 1953 (Wood) Transparency in Nursing Home Operations:

Addresses conflicts of nursing home operators with growing profits who self-deal with other companies they own by requiring them to disclose those business relationships.
DRC Support. Signed.

AB 2162 (Chiu) Supportive Housing:

Streamlines supportive housing development in rural areas with little to no supportive housing and which have commercially-zoned areas that allow residential use. Promotes the siting of supportive housing without developers having to battle the stigma of providing supportive housing for people with disabilities.
DRC Support. Signed.

More Needs to be Done to Eliminate the Use of Restraints and Seclusion in Public and Private Schools.
The critical need for AB 2657 (Weber), a DRC-sponsored bill signed by the Governor, which prohibits the use of restraints and seclusions in public and private schools, was unfortunately just underscored by the death last month of a 13-year old boy who died while being restrained at a Northern California non-public school. More needs to be done to eliminate this dangerous and deadly practice.

AB 2657 (Weber) Restraints and Seclusion in Schools:

Limits the use of restraints and seclusions in public and private schools by prohibiting their use for discipline, convenience, retaliation or coercion and establishes guidelines and definitions for use when there is a clear and present danger of serious physical harm to a pupil or others.
DRC Sponsor. Signed.

AB 3002 (Grayson) Disability Access:

Requires local jurisdictions issuing building permits or business licenses for commercial construction to make notices available in multiple languages describing resources that may be available to assist in complying with disability access laws.
DRC Support. Signed.

SB 354 (Portantino) Translation of Individualized Education Program Documents:

Would have ensured parents whose native language is not English meaningful participation in their children’s education by requiring a school district to provide a translated individualized education plan within 30 days.
DRC Sponsor. Vetoed.

SB 850 (Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Comm.) Housing Trailer Bill:

Establishes the Homeless Emergency Aid program to provide localities with one-time flexible block grant funds to address their immediate homelessness challenges; funded with $500 million in the budget.
DRC Support. Signed.

SB 906 (Beall) Mental Health Peer Support Certification:

Would have established a statewide peer, parent, transition age youth, and family support specialist certification program as part of the state’s mental health delivery system to improve outcomes for individuals with mental disabilities through the use of peer providers whith real-life experience.
DRC Support. Vetoed

The Legislature considered in 2018 two bills opposed by DRC and other civil rights and poverty organizations that were aimed at restricting the autonomy rights of people with disabilities without any assurances for the provision of mental health supportive housing and services. AB 1971 (Santiago) failed to pass and SB 1045 (Weiner) was signed by the Governor. AB 1971 is not included in the scorecard because it was pulled by the author on the Assembly floor before a concurrence vote. SB 1045 (Weiner) is included but only the second house and concurrence votes were scored because the last two floor votes were on a significantly different version of the bill. Both bills had the same goals of expanding involuntary commitments of homeless individuals with mental health needs and did not address failures in the service delivery systems.

SB 1045 (Weiner) Deprives Rights of Homeless Mentally Ill By Expanding Conservatorships:

Expands, through the creation of a new type of conservatorship, the use of involuntary holds to restrict the personal autonomy rights of people with disabilities without any assurances for the provision of behavioral mental health services and supportive housing with wraparound services.
DRC Oppose. Signed.

SB 1152 (Hernandez) Homeless Patient Hospital Discharge Process:

Requires a hospital discharge planning process for homeless patients that takes into account the individual’s unique medical, mental health, and social service needs, thereby preventing “patient dumping.”
DRC Support. Signed.

SB 1376 (Hill) Transportation Network Company Disability Accessibility:

Creates the Transportation Network Company Access for All Act which establishes a process for the Public Utilities Commission to develop interim models to test and improve on-demand vehicle accessibility for wheelchair users supported by a rider fee on providers such as Uber and Lyft. The Act will increase transportation options by allowing individuals using wheelchairs to benefit from the same spontaneous travel decisions as people without disabilities.
DRC Support. Signed.