Voting Rights


Voting Rights

AB 53 - Election day holiday
DRC Support

AB 53 ensures that Californians will have the time and opportunity to participate in our civic life by making Election Day a state holiday.

AB 53 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 796 - Voter registration: California New Motor Voter Programn
DRC Support

This bill would require a driver's license or identification card application, renewal, or change of address notification, as specified, to include a voter registration application and would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to transmit the application to the Secretary of State.

AB 796 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 35 - Elections: prohibited activities
DRC Support if Amended

SB 35 would increase the buffer zone surrounding voter machines to ensure voters’ safe access to the ballot box and would require notice of prohibited activities in order to ensure compliance.

SB 35 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 503 - Voting: ballots and signature verification
DRC Support

In the general election in November of 2020, vote by mail was used at a high level for Californians. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many voters decided that the best way for them to remain safe was to vote from home and mail in their ballots to avoid large crowds.

SB 503 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 504 - Elections: voter registration
DRC Support

This bill would require a county elections official to make conditional voter registration available to military and overseas voters and voters with disabilities via a certified remote accessible vote by mail system.

SB 504 Position Letter (pdf)