SB 794 - Emergency services: telecommunications
DRC Support

The bill would require a local government that enters into an agreement to access information of resident accountholders to, upon receipt of that information, notify residents that they have been entered into the public emergency warning system.

SB 794 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 794 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 1916 - Proclaimed state and local emergencies: proclamations, communications, and materials: translation
DRC Support

AB 1916 would require all proclamations, communications, materials, and announcements made by the Governor or a state agency related to a duly proclaimed state of emergency to be made available in all languages spoken by a substantial number of non-English-speaking people.

AB 1916 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1916 Position Letter (rtf)


SB 862 - Planned power outage: public safety
DRC Support

This past fall there were massive public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) in approximately 34 counties by large investor-owned electric utilities (IOUs) used as a proactive strategy to reduce the risks of igniting wildfires from the electric utility infrastructure and anticipated high winds.

SB 862 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 862 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 1936 - Price gouging: public safety power shutoffs
DRC Support

This bill will include in the current prohibition of price gouging public safety power shutoff (PSPS) events from the time of an announcement that a PSPS will occur and for the period lasting 72 hours after the restoration of power.

AB 1936 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1936 Position Letter (rtf)


SB 596 - In-home supportive services: additional higher energy allowance
DRC Support

This bill would require a county human services agency to inform applicants for In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) of their potential eligibility for baseline utility services and any advanced notifications that may be provided by a public utility in an emergency.

SB 596 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 596 Position Letter (rtf)