Principles: State Budget's Impact on People with Disabilities

Revised: December 7, 2013, Revised September 17, 2016

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Disability Rights California is committed to ensuring that the state budget maintains or increases funding for services and programs that help people with disabilities have choice, independence, self-sufficiency, autonomy and the ability to live in the community. Creative “outside the box” thinking, which eliminates outdated service models, results in economic and program efficiencies, and gives opportunities for increased federal funding is encouraged as one means of ensuring that Californians with disabilities have what they need.

The state budget should achieve savings by maximizing coordination of services and responsibilities between programs rather than by cutting essential services. Any reductions in the state budget should not impact direct services to people with disabilities. Eliminated or reduced services and programs adopted during state budget shortfalls, which impact integrated community-based programs for people with disabilities, should be restored. Strategies to provide one-stop, seamless access to services should be pursued and strengthened. California must maximize its opportunities to receive federal assistance for all programs that serve people with disabilities.