Principles: Disability Discrimination

Publication #1008 - Adopted 4/22/95, Revised 12/10/2011, Revised 3/7/2015, Revised 12/15/2016, Revised 06/13/2020

Principles: Disability Discrimination

A History of Unfair Treatment

People with disabilities are treated differently than others. Some things have improved but this unfair treatment is still a serious problem.

Unfair treatment happens in all areas of life, like:

  • Being left out
  • Going to public buildings
  • At jobs
  • Housing
  • At school
  • Taking transportation
  • At play
  • Access to information
  • Living where you want
  • Health or medical services
  • Voting
  • And many other public services

The paragraphs above are based on the Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 USC § 12101.

People with disabilities have a right to equal treatment!

What Are Our Principles?

Access to Public Places: You must have equal access to all public or private places and websites.

Follow the Laws: Governments and businesses should follow all laws that protect people from unfair treatment. Laws should not be changed in unfair ways.

Job: You must be treated equally at work. Your employers should make fair changes to your job or work place if you need them.

Government: Your government must provide all services to you equally.

Housing: You must get equal treatment for both public and private housing, and fair changes for your disability if you need them.

Fair Treatment: You must get fair changes for your disability at any public or private place if you need them to get equal treatment to services or programs.

Public Treatment: You must be treated equally at all public places.

Transportation Services: Your transportation services must be equally accessible to you.