Mental Health


State bills related to rights and services for people with Mental Health disabilities


AB 577 - Medi-Cal: maternal mental health
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Maternal mental health affects one in five women during or after pregnancy, but all women are at risk of suffering from maternal mental health disorders. Specifically in California, one in five Californian mothers suffers from pregnancy-related depression.

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AB 512 - Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services
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AB 512 requires every county’s mental health plan data reporting include disparities in access, utilization, and outcomes by race ethnicity, language, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and immigration status to the extent that the data is available.

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AB 680 - Public safety dispatchers: mental health training
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AB 680 would require that emergency dispatcher training requirements be increased to include mental health identification and crisis intervention training.

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SB 10 - Mental health services: peer, parent, transition-age, and family support specialist certification
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SB 10 establishes a statewide peer, parent, transition age, and family support specialist certification program as part of the state’s mental health delivery system.

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SB 12 - Mental health services: youth
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SB 12 would require the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission to administer an Integrated Youth Mental Health Program for the purposes of establishing local centers across the state to provide integrated youth mental health services including mental health, physical health, substance use, educational, vocational, and peer support services.

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SB 582 - Youth mental health and substance use disorder services
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SB 582 creates parity and access to school-based mental health services by restoring the unprecedented 40% cut to mental health triage grants in the 2018 budget, thereby improving early intervention of mental illness.

SB 582 Position Letter (pdf)
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AB 1601 - Office of Emergency Services: behavioral health response
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This bill recognizes, unfortunately through recent experience in California, that natural disasters can leave those who must deal with them, both as they are occurring and in their aftermath, with lasting traumatic effects.

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AB 1126 - Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission
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Mental health illnesses that are not addressed early in life can have severe consequences, including increased difficulties at home, with peers, and in school, and youths with mental health problems are at a higher risk of dropping out of school and engaging in illegal substance use, criminal behavior, and other risk-taking behaviors.

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AB 46 - Individuals with mental illness: change of term
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The California Health Care Foundation reports nearly 1 in 6 adults have a mental health need and approximately 1 in 20 Californians suffer from a serious mental illness. While mental health challenges continue to impact millions of individuals every day, many misconceptions exist about people living with mental illnesses.

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SB 11 - Health care coverage: mental health parity
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Existing California mental health parity law requires state-regulated health insurance policies and health care service plan contracts that cover both medical and surgical benefits and mental health or substance use disorder benefits to provide coverage for mental health or substance abuse disorders that is no more restrictive than coverage for other medical conditions.

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AB 1352 - Community mental health services: mental health boards
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AB 1352 would require a MHB to report directly to the county governing body and include a member of the governing body.

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AB 451 - Health care facilities: treatment of psychiatric emergency medical conditions
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This bill would require psychiatric units within a general acute care hospital, a psychiatric health facility, or an acute psychiatric hospital, regardless of whether it maintains an emergency department, to provide emergency care and services to relieve or eliminate a psychiatric emergency medical condition.

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ACR 98 - Mental health and substance use treatment
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This measure would urge the California Departments of Managed Health Care, Insurance, and Health Care Services and the Attorney General to use their authority to ensure that health care service plans and health insurers subject to their authority comply with the federal Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008.

ACR 98 Position Letter (pdf)
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AB 1175 - Medi-Cal: mental health services
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Medi-Cal mental health benefits are delivered to beneficiaries through separate delivery systems with Medi-Cal plans providing non-specialty services and county mental health plans providing specialty services.

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