SB 281 - Medi-Cal: California Community Transitions program
DRC Co-Sponsor

This bill would conform SB 214 (Dodd 2020) to recent changes in federal eligibility that reduced the length of stay requirement in an inpatient facility from 90 to 60 days and makes the program a state funded Medi-Cal benefit if federal funding is terminated.

SB 281 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 4 - Medi-Cal: eligibility
DRC Support

This bill provides comprehensive, full-scope Medi-Cal to low-income undocumented adults whose incomes are at or below 138% of the federal poverty level and removes immigration status as an eligibility exclusion.

AB 4 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 369 - Medi-Cal services: persons experiencing homelessness
DRC Support

AB 369 will increase access to comprehensive care and is a significant step in achieving health justice, equity and inclusion for Californians experiencing homelessness.

AB 369 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 470 - Medi-Cal: eligibility
DRC Support

Increased access to Medi-Cal and health care services allows people to maintain financial stability while ensuring access to affordable health care, which is critical especially during a pandemic.

AB 470 Position Letter (pdf)