SB 1157 - Tenancy: credit reporting: lower income households
DRC Support - Request for Signature

This bill requires, beginning July 1, 2021, and until July 1, 2025, any landlord of an assisted housing development to offer tenants in assisted housing developments the option of having the tenant’s rental payments reported to a consumer reporting agency and authorizes a landlord to require the tenant to pay a fee to provide the reporting.

SB 1157 - Position Letter (pdf)
SB 1157 - Position Letter (rtf)


SB 1190 - Tenancy: termination
DRC Support - Request for Signature

Senate Bill 1190 would enable all victims of violent crimes and their families to terminate a lease without penalty within 180 days of the crime having occurred.

SB 1190 - Position Letter (pdf)
SB 1190 - Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2405 - Right to safe, decent, and affordable housing
DRC Support - Request for Signature

AB 2405 establishes the right to housing for families and children in California in 2026 and requires localities to submit actionable plans for reducing homelessness in their regions. Implementation of the right begins on January 1, 2026.

AB 2405 - Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2405 - Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2463 - Enforcement of money judgments: execution: homestead
DRC Support - Request for Signature

AB 2463 prohibits a sale under execution of a judgment lien of a judgment debtor's principal place of residence if the underlying judgment is based on an unsecured consumer debt.

AB 2463 - Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2463 - Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2015 - Certification for intensive treatment: review hearing
DRC Oppose

AB 2015 authorizes the evidence presented in support of a certification of an individual for involuntary detention by determination as a danger to themselves or others or gravely disabled, under what is known as a 5250 hold, to include information regarding the person's medical condition and how that condition bears on the certification.

AB 2015 - Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2015 - Position Letter (rtf)


AB 3269 - State and local agencies: homelessness plan
DRC Support

AB 3269 establishes a process for holding the state and local governments accountable for achieving measurable goals for addressing homelessness.

AB 3269 - Position Letter (pdf)
AB 3269 - Position Letter (rtf)


SB 999 - Mobilehome park residencies: rent control: exemption: COVID-19
DRC Support

Senate Bill 999, would restore local control and help ensure rent affordability for mobilehome residents by removing a state imposed loophole in local mobilehome rent stabilization ordinances.

SB 999 - Position Letter (pdf)
SB 999 - Position Letter (rtf)


AB 3352 - State Housing Law: enforcement response to complaints
DRC Support

AB 3352 prohibits local code inspection agencies in California from placing restrictions or preconditions before responding to habitability complaints.

AB 3352 - Position Letter (pdf)
AB 3352 - Position Letter (rtf)


AB 3052 - Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program
DRC Support

With AB 3052, California will become the third state to compensate survivors of forced sterilizations under eugenics laws, following North Carolina (2013) and Virginia (2015).

AB 3052 - Position Letter (pdf)
AB 3052 - Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2988 - Planning and zoning: supportive housing: number of units: emergency shelter zones
DRC Support

This bill makes supportive housing a use by right in planning zones where emergency shelters are permitted, and increases the limit on the number of units in a housing development to 120 or fewer if it is located within a region served by a continuum of care.

AB 2988 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2988 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2782 - Mobilehome parks: change of use
DRC Support

AB 2782 clarifies a local jurisdiction’s power to prevent the loss of low-income affordable housing by requiring a finding of approval for the conversion of parks containing low-income affordable mobile homes so that the conversion will not result in an unmitigated loss of housing opportunities for low and moderate income households.

AB 2782 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2782 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2586 - Shelter crisis: safe parking programs
DRC Support

AB 2586 would provide that a political subdivision is immune from liability for ordinary negligence in the provision of a safe parking program during a declared shelter crisis and would suspend the application of existing provisions to the safe parking program.

AB 2586 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2586 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 1905 - Housing and Homeless Response Fund: personal income taxation: mortgage interest deduction
DRC Support

AB 1905 creates a permanent source of funding for homelessness by eliminating the mortgage interest deduction on vacation homes and conforming to federal law the amount of interest a taxpayer can deduct on a primary home, and directs the cost savings toward rectifying the state’s unmet housing need.

AB 1905 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1905 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2406 - Homeless Accountability and Prevention Act: rental registry online portal
DRC Support

AB 2406 will establish a rental registry to provide the state with better data on where and how rent increases and evictions are happening. The truth is, no one really knows how much rents are increasing across the state or how many people are forced out of their homes by evictions.

AB 2406 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2406 Position Letter (rtf)


SB 214 - California Community Transitions program
DRC Support and Sponsor

SB 214 assures continuation of the successful California Community Transitions Program (CCT), which has assisted more than 3,500 individuals in moving out of a nursing home and into their own home or other community setting.

SB 214 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 214 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 940 - Recovery residences
DRC Oppose

AB 940 proposes to expand the oversight of “patient brokering” to include banning the practice in “recovery residences.” Last year SB 1228 (Lara) was signed by the governor.

AB 940 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 940 Position Letter (rtf)


SB 329 - Discrimination: housing: source of income
DRC Support - Request for Signature

This bill would ensure California’s most at risk households have access to quality, affordable housing and neighborhoods of opportunity while we work to solve our unprecedented shortage of affordable housing.

SB 329 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 329 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 282 - Personal income taxes: credit: qualified principal residence
DRC Support

Homelessness and incarceration are inherently linked. In fact, people on parole are about 10 times more likely to be homeless than the general public. People on parole also have great difficulties accessing housing, and are seven times more likely to recidivate when homeless than when housed, perpetuating a cycle of incarceration and homelessness, as well as inequities in both our criminal justice and housing systems.

SB 282 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 282 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 1042 - Medi-Cal: beneficiary maintenance needs: home upkeep allowances: transitional needs funds
DRC Support and Sponsor

People trying to leave nursing homes face daunting challenges, and none is more daunting than the lack of affordable accessible housing. Around a dozen tables, over a dozen years, state officials and stakeholders have hashed over ways to address this problem, usually concluding that new housing units are needed.

AB 1042 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1042 Position Letter (rtf)


SB 744 - Planning and zoning: California Environmental Quality Act: permanent supportive housing: No Place Like Home Program
DRC Support

There is a housing crisis in California. The shortage of housing is particularly acute for those who are homeless and have mental illnesses. This bill would expedite the local and state siting process for the 20,000 plus housing units authorized through the $2 billion California’s No Place Like Home (NPLH) program that was overwhelmingly supported by voters in 2018 through Proposition 2.

SB 744 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 744 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 1779 - Recovery residences
DRC Oppose

The California Community Care Facilities Act provides for the licensing and regulation of community care facilities, including alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities, by the State Department of Social Services. Current law also provides that a treatment facility that serves six or fewer persons, regardless of their relationship, be considered a residential use of property and excludes the treatment facilities from local zoning ordinances to the extent they are considered anything other than a residential use of property.

AB 1779 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1779 Position Letter (rtf)


SB 40 - Conservatorship: serious mental illness and substance use disorders
DRC Oppose - Request for Veto

Last year, the Legislature enacted SB 1045 (Wiener, Chapter 845, Statutes of 2018), conditionally establishing in designated counties a procedure for the appointment of a conservator for a person who is incapable of caring for the person’s own health and well-being due to a serious mental illness and substance use disorder for the purpose of providing housing and...

SB 40 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 40 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 1482 - Tenancy: rent caps
DRC Support - Request for Signature

This bill prohibits an owner of a residential real property from increasing the rental rate on a property that has been in effect for the preceding 12 months in an amount that is greater than the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 5%, not to exceed 10%.

AB 1482 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1482 Position Letter (rtf)