AB 323 Long-term health facilities
DRC Sponsor

AB 323 addresses and adopts the California State Auditor’s recommendation on skilled nursing facility citation amounts to improve quality-of-care deficiencies in nursing homes.

AB 323 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 396 CalFresh: educational programs
DRC Support

Assembly Bill 396 (Gabriel) to greatly expand the number of students receiving CalFresh benefits by requiring higher education programs that qualify under the Employment and Training (E&T) Services Program CalFresh student exemption to be certified by CDSS by June of 2022.

AB 396 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 458 - Importation of prescription drugs
DRC Support

This bill will increase access to safe, affordable prescription drugs by establishing a state-run program to import wholesale pharmaceuticals from Canada.

AB 458 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 523 - Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly
DRC Support

AB 523 directs the DHCS to make permanent the care flexibilities

AB 523 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 714 - Communicable disease reporting
DRC Support

AB 714 would mandate skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, and other congregate living health facilities as defined in Section 1250 of the Health and Safety code to notify residents and their responsible parties of an instance of a communicable disease that occurs within the facility.

AB 714 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 1011 - Health care coverage: substance use disorders
DRC Support

AB 1011, would significantly increase timely access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for people with substance abuse disorders, including opioid addiction and alcohol addiction.

AB 1011 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 221 - Health care coverage: timely access to care
DRC Support

Disability Rights California was happy to support your efforts to ensure mental health parity for MH/SUD conditions. We believe this bill advances parity efforts, and individuals experiencing MH/SUD should have timely access to care to ensure their condition does not worsen.

SB 221 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 242 - Health care provider reimbursements
DRC Support

California’s agricultural workers are an essential workforce responsible for sustaining California’s $50 billion agricultural industry and the production of America’s fresh food supply.

SB 242 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 380 - End of life
DRC Oppose

SB 380 removes critical protections for consumers and as a result great risks remain for people with disabilities.

SB 380 Position Letter (pdf)