AB 1947 - Employment violation complaints: requirements: time
DRC Support - Request for Signature

This bill would extend the period of time within which people may file complaints for workplace retaliation subject to the 6-month deadline to within one year after the occurrence of the violations.

AB 1947 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1947 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 1850 - Worker classification: employees and independent contractors
DRC Support if Amended

On behalf of the thousands of Californians who rely on a limited pool of sign language service both personally and professionally, DRC respectfully requests an amendment to the bill to expand the definition of “referral agency” to include Sign Language interpreters and realtime captionists.

AB 1850 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1850 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2328 - Civil service: Limited Examination and Appointment Program
DRC Support - Request for Signature

Unfortunately, state agencies have failed to ensure that persons with disabilities are afforded equal opportunities and the benefits and privileges of state employment.

AB 2328 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2328 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 365 - State civil service: examination and hiring processes
DRC Support - Request for Signature

Historically working age people with disabilities are among the most unemployed and underemployed members of society. Even though there have been major civil rights advancements, like the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and the state Disabled Persons Act, people with disabilities are underrepresented in state civil service. 

AB 365 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 365 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 1019 - Apprenticeship: developmentally disabled persons
DRC Support

This bill would add to the ex officio members of the committee the Director of Rehabilitation and the executive director of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities. The bill would require the committee to create a subcommittee to address apprenticeship for the disabled community.

AB 1019 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 1019 Position Letter (rtf)


SB 135 - Paid family leave
DRC Support

California has led the nation in family leave policies and our laws have worked to better the state. SB 135 improves on existing law by broadening the categories of people eligible to receive paid leave and by broadening the categories of people who may receive care by an employee on paid family leave.

SB 135 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 135 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 333 - Whistleblower protection: county patients’ rights advocates
DRC Support - Request for Signature

This bill would extend whistleblower and non-retaliation protections in current law to county patients' rights advocates appointed or under contract to provide services relating to mental health advocacy, and it would apply the protections against local contracting agencies.

AB 333 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 333 Position Letter (rtf)