AB 313 - Civil service: Limited Examination and Appointment Program
DRC Sponsor

Historically, working-age people with disabilities are among the most unemployed and underemployed members of society.

AB 313 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 331 - Settlement and non-disparagement agreements
DRC Support

SB 331 is critical to addressing the role that “secret settlements” play in perpetuating hostile work environments by silencing workers and allowing complaints to be swept under the rug.

SB 331 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 639 - Minimum wages: persons with disabilities
DRC Sponsor

SB 639 addresses historic barriers to gainful employment for people with disabilities by prohibiting the California Labor Commission from issuing employers a new license that allows for the payment of subminimum wage to employees with disabilities beginning in 2022, and requires the state to develop a plan to assist subminimum wage employees to achieve gainful employment.

SB 639 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 665 - Employment policy: voluntary veterans’ preference
Oppose Unless Amended

Unfortunately, SB 665 would eliminate disparate impact protection by permitting employers to justify hiring decisions under a veterans’ preference policy even if the policy is implemented in a way that has a discriminatory impact on other protected groups.

SB 665 Position Letter (pdf)