AB 610 - School safety: mandatory notifications
DRC Co-Sponsor

AB 610 would eliminate some of the overreaching statutory mandates that require school staff to notify law enforcement about common school-related behavior.

AB 610 - Position Letter (pdf)


SB 14 - Pupil health: school employee and pupil training: excused absences: youth behavioral health
DRC Co-Sponsor

This bill would also ensure that youth absences from school for a mental health issue or appointment will be an excused absence in the same fashion absences for physical health ailments or appointments are treated.

SB 14 - Position Letter (pdf)


SB 224 Pupil instruction: mental health education
DRC Support

SB 224 will ensure that students receive mental health education from a qualified instructor at least once during elementary school, once during middle school, and once during high school.

SB 224 - Position Letter (pdf)


SB 237 - Special education: dyslexia risk screening
DRC Support as Amended

SB 237 would require the State Board of Education (SBE) to adopt screening tools for school districts to use to identify students at risk for dyslexia.

SB 237 - Position Letter (pdf)


SB 532 - Pupil instruction: high school coursework and graduation requirements: exemptions
DRC Support

SB 532 would strengthen existing law (Education Code 51225.1) to mitigate a permanent, post-pandemic departure from school for California’s highly mobile students (in foster care, homeless child or youth, a former juvenile court school, military family, or a migratory child or newcomer).

SB 532 - Position Letter (pdf)


SB 692 - Local control and accountability plans: state priorities: least restrictive environment
DRC Support

SB 692 would incentivize districts to serve students with disabilities in the most inclusive environment that is appropriate to the child’s circumstances. Although inclusion, also referred to as “least restrictive environment” or “LRE,” has long been the law, California has failed to prioritize this effective instructional model.

SB 692 - Position Letter (pdf)