Civil Rights


Civil Rights

AB 57 - Law enforcement: hate crimes
DRC Support if Amended

AB 57 is a bill that will strengthen training requirements for peace officers and require improved guidance, outreach, data collection and reporting by the California Department of Justice.

AB 57 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 94 - Correctional officers
DRC Concerns

As drafted, AB 94 would prohibit corrections staff from performing their typical job duties if a mental health evaluation determines the worker is a perceived threat to themselves or others.

AB 94 Position Letter (pdf) ]


AB 256 - Criminal procedure: discrimination
DRC Support

AB 256 the California Racial Justice Act for All, which will provide a mechanism for relief for those whose convictions or sentences were based upon race, ethnicity, or national origin.

AB 256 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 401 - Employment Development Department: language translations
DRC Support

AB 401 would ensure that Californians with limited English proficiency can access the critical benefits administered by the Employment Development Department (EDD), including unemployment insurance, state disability insurance, paid family leave, and pandemic unemployment assistance which are currently lifelines for millions of Californians.

AB 401 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 435 - Hearing aids: locked programming software: notice
DRC Support

AB 435 would require that written notice be given to the purchaser, which explains that the hearing aid can only be serviced in specific facilities and locations.

AB 435 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 490 - Housing: affordable and market rate units
DRC Support

AB 490 will create a uniform statewide policy on restraints that cause positional asphyxia to ensure that they can no longer be improperly applied on Californians.

AB 490 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 905 - Mobile fueling on-demand tank vehicles: performance standards
DRC Support

Thank you for your authorship of AB 905 that would provide mobile fueling on-demand to provide safety and accessibility to fuel.

AB 905 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 1007 - Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program
DRC Support

AB 1007 is crucial in repairing some of the damage caused by forced sterilization. We acknowledge that there is still a long way to go, but this bill would assist the families, who have had family members tortured and abused by this practice.

AB 1007 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 1140 - Foster care: rights
DRC Support

AB 1140 would clarify the Ombudsperson’s jurisdiction, as well as responsibility, to engage in this important oversight of children held in state-licensed ORR facilities.

AB 1140 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 17 - Office of Racial Equity
DRC Support

SB 17 would establish the Office of Race Equity and the Racial Equity Advisory and Accountability Council, which will oversee the new office.

SB 17 Position Letter (pdf)


SB 234 - Transition Aged Youth Housing Program
DRC Support

This bill creates a forgivable loan program to be used to create new housing for youth between ages 16 and 26, who are currently or formerly in foster care, youth experiencing homelessness and youth under probation supervision.

AB 234 Position Letter (pdf)