Civil Rights


ACA 5 - Government preferences
DRC Support

ACA 5 will create equal opportunities for all Californians and fight discrimination against women and people of color by restoring affirmative action in public contracting, public employment and public education.

ACA 5 Position Letter (pdf)
ACA 5 Position Letter (rtf)


AB 2236 - Peace officer training: hate crimes
DRC Support

AB 2236 would require that all peace officers view an educational video on hate crimes no later than January 1, 2022.

AB 2236 Position Letter (pdf)
AB 2236 Position Letter (rtf)


SB 920 - Persons with disabilities: terminology
DRC Support

This bill would change the term “dependent person” to “person with a disability” or “adult with disability.  It also declares that as codes are amended in the future, that they are updated to reflect these changes.

SB 920 Position Letter (pdf)
SB 920 Position Letter (rtf)