AB 339 - Local government: open and public meetings
DRC Support

AB 339 would enhance public participation at the state and local levels by ensuring that constituents have opportunities to join and comment at public meetings in-person, via a call-in option and via an internet-based service option.

AB 339 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 361 - Open meetings: local agencies: teleconferences
DRC Support

AB 361 would allow local agencies to safely meet remotely during an emergency.

AB 361 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 435 - Hearing aids: locked programming software: notice
DRC Support

AB 435 would require that written notice be given to the purchaser, which explains that the hearing aid can only be serviced in specific facilities and locations.

AB 435 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 716 - Court accesse
DRC Support

AB 716 would modernize access to open court proceedings by requiring courts to provide remote access to the public.

AB 716 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 1169 - Health care facilities: interpreters
DRC Support

AB 1169 will create guidelines to ensure sign language interpreters are qualified to interpret effectively and accurately within medical settings.

AB 1169 Position Letter (pdf)


AB 1291 - State bodies: open meetings
DRC Support

AB 1291 would require a state body, when it limits time for public comment, to provide at least twice the allotted time to a member of the public who utilizes translating technology to address the state body.

AB 1291 Position Letter (pdf)