SB 1141 - Domestic violence: coercive control
DRC Support

SB 1141 will enhance protections to California’s domestic violence laws by expanding the Family Code definition of disturbing the peace to include conduct that destroys the mental or emotional calm of another party, including coercive control. Adding coercive control to the definition of domestic abuse will allow

SB 1141 Position Letter (pdf)
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AB 2517 - Domestic violence: personal property and liens
DRC Support

This bill seeks to protect victims of domestic violence from being financially abused by their abusers and provide a remedy to address the situation if needed.

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SB 1276 - The Comprehensive Statewide Domestic Violence Program
DRC Support

Current state funding requirements for domestic violence shelter providers require 10 percent matching funds, using either cash or in-kind matching funds.

SB 1276 Position Letter (pdf)
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AB 3228 - Private detention facilities
DRC Support as Amended

This bill would require any private detention facility operator to comply with, and adhere to, the detention standards of care and confinement agreed upon in the facility's contract for operations.

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AB 301 - Hate crime data collection and outreach
DRC Support

Hate crimes are on the rise. Although they represent a small percentage of crimes overall, we fail to adequately identify, report on, and respond to hate crimes. AB 301 addresses this problem by establishing a robust set of data, outreach and reporting materials to more effectively identify and reduce the incidence of hate crimes.

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