2018 Position Letters - Public Benefits

Bills about Public Benefits, such as SSI

2018 Position Letters - Public Benefits

AB 1957 (Berman) - Support - Social Services Modernization, Efficiency, and Due Process Protection Act of 2018

This bill would authorize applicants for and recipients of benefits under CalWORKs, Medi-Cal, CalFresh, or CAPI to permit communications and notices of action to be sent via the United States Postal Service only, or, within the capacity of the county, either electronically only or both electronically and via the United States Postal Service. The use of electronic communications can be particularly significant for persons with disabilities in accessing public benefits.

pdf version 6-19-18 support letter
pdf version 7-9-18 support letter
pdf version 8-30-18 request for signature

AB 3200 (Kalra) – Support - SSI COLA

This bill would reinstate the SSI COLA beginning January 1 of the 2019 calendar year. It would also require a maximum aid payment provided to an individual or a married couple that does not equal or exceed 100% of the 2018 FPL to be increased to an amount that equals 100% of the FPL.

pdf version 4-2-18 support letter