2018 Position Letters - Elections

Bills Related to Voting

AB 216 (Gonzalez Fletcher) - Support - Vote by Mail

This bill would clarify that the elections official is required to deliver to each qualified applicant a prepaid identification envelope for the return of the vote by mail ballot.

pdf version 7-13-18 request for signature letter

AB 306 (Gonzalez Fletcher) – Support - Vote by Mail Ballot Return

This bill requires a person designated to return a voter's vote by mail ballot, to return it no later than two days after receiving it from the voter or before the close of the polls on Election Day, whichever time period is shorter. It also prohibits not counting the ballot solely because it was returned more than two days after the designated person received it from the voter, provided that the ballot is returned by the designated person before the close of polls on Election Day.

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AB 1013 (Low) - Support - Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System

This bill requires a county elections official to permit voters with a disability to cast ballots using a certified remote accessible vote by mail system. The bill provisions become operative on January 1, 2020, or one year after the date the Secretary of State certifies a remote accessible vote by mail system, whichever is later.

pdf version 7-19-18 support letter

AB 2540 (Mullin) - Support - Public Building Use as Vote Center

This bill authorizes school buildings or other public buildings to be used as vote centers beginning up to ten days before the election and continuing through election day.   As proposed to be amended, AB 2540 requires that any public building, including, but not limited to, a building operated by a school district, that is used as a polling place or a vote center must comply with the accessibility requirements in the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

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AB 2742 (Allen) – Oppose - Voter ID

This bill requires a voter to provide photographic identification at the polling place before receiving a ballot. AB 2742 unnecessarily restricts voter participation. Many voters with disabilities do not have or cannot afford a driver’s license or a passport, or the underlying documents necessary to obtain such identification.

  pdf version 4-18-18 oppose letter

AB 2835 (Calderon) – Support - Touchscreen Ballots

Among other provisions, this bill expands the definition of a ballot. An electronic touchscreen may qualify as a ballot even for systems that contain paper ballots if the votes are tabulated manually or by optical scanning equipment. 

pdf version 6-5-18 support letter

AB 2839 (Arambula) – Oppose - Domicile for Purposes of Voting

This bill, for the purposes of voting, provides that the domicile of persons committed to the custody of the Department of State Hospitals as sexually violent predators is their last known address before their commitment. Thus, this bill changes the law governing a voter’s domicile only for this particular class of California voters with disabilities.

pdf version 5-3-18 oppose letter

AB 2883 (Harper) - Support if Amended - Vote by Mail Ballots

Current law permits a vote by mail voter who is unable to return his or her ballot to designate another person to return the ballot. This bill requires the designated person to offer and provide a receipt to the voter when the designated person receives the ballot. We ask that the bill be amended to exempt family members, caregivers, or others in the disability support network from providing the detailed information the bill requires on the receipt form.

pdf version 3-28-18 support if amended letter

AB 3259 (Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee) - Support if Amended - County Voter Notification Letter

Among other changes, AB 3259 removes the voter signature line from the voter notification. DRC is concerned that the notice may not be accessible. If a blind voter receives the notification card, they will not be able to read it and thus will not contact the appropriate officials to correct errors to their registration.

pdf version 4-30-18 support if amended letter

SB 759 (McGuire) – Support - Vote by Mail Signature Verification

Existing law requires an elections official, upon receipt of a vote by mail ballot, to verify the signature on the identification envelope. If the elections official cannot verify the signature, the ballot is not counted. This bill requires the elections official to offer the voter an opportunity to verify their signature.

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