2018 Position Letters - Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

Bills Related to Abuse and Neglect of Adults

SB 1191 (Hueso) – Support - Crimes: Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

This bill ensures law enforcement and adult protective services agencies have recent and critical information in their policy manuals on understanding the legal definition of abuse and neglect.

pdf version 3-27-18 support letter
pdf version 4-10-18 support letter
pdf version 6-25-18 support letter
pdf version 7-30-18 support letter
pdf version 9-12-18 request for signature

SB 1320 (Stern) - Support - Victim Confidentiality

Existing law authorizes victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking to complete an application to be approved by the Secretary of State for the purpose of enabling state and local agencies to respond to requests for public records without disclosing a program participant’s residence address and otherwise provide for confidentiality for the person. This bill would make this program available to a victim of elder or dependent adult abuse.

pdf version 6-14-18 support letter
pdf version 7-30-18 support letter