President’s budget would be a disaster for people with disabilities

This is a statement from Disability Rights California opposing the president’s 2018 budget
Press Release

(Sacramento, CA – May 25, 2017) Disability Rights California opposes the president’s 2018 budget and is concerned that if enacted it would be devastating to people with disabilities. It imposes massive cuts, including:

  • $1.91 trillion in additional health care cuts, including $627 billion to state Medicaid grants
  • $13.9 billion to the Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • $5.8 billion to Indian Health Services
  • $77.2 billion for housing assistance
  • $72 billion to Social Security reducing benefits provided through SSI and SSDI
  • $345.9 billion in education cuts, including $13.9 billion for special education

Other vital programs for people with disabilities are also on the chopping block, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program; the energy assistance provided by the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (CalWORKS in California). This budget would leave millions of individuals with disabilities without necessary health care and other community supports and safety net services.  

DRC will work to protect critical programs like Medicaid and Social Security and ensure Californians with disabilities receive vital services that allow them to thrive in communities of their choice.