Thank You to Essential Workers

Thank You to Essential Workers. There are moments in life that should be defined by hope in the midst of uncertainty.


Thank You to Essential Workers

There are moments in life that should be defined by hope in the midst of uncertainty.

Did you know that, a higher percentage of workers with disabilities are employed in essential positions such as agricultural, public administration, manufacturing and retail than people without disabilities.

“Of the five major occupation groups, people with a disability were more concentrated in service occupations than those with no disability, 19% compared to 17% percent. In addition, workers with a disability are also more likely than those without a disability to work in production, transportation, and material moving occupations, around 14%, compared with around 12%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics." 

We are service workers, food service workers, grocery store workers, agricultural workers, public administrators, and Warehouse workers.

We are your friends, parents, sisters, bothers, colleagues, neighbors.

We are people with autism, people with mental health disabilities, people with physical, learning and sensory disabilities.

We are workers with disabilities.

We are keeping California/America running.


Individuals with disabilities who are essential workers, critical to keeping society functioning, making sure that every one of us is safe, healthy, and has access to all of the resources we need. Thank you to all the essential workers keeping us safe!

We want to thank these individuals on the front lines and essential workers who are there for us every day and let you know; You are not alone, We are in this together, We are one, We will meet this moment! Enjoy this message of hope video.

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DCR Message of Hope Video (Audio Descriptive Version)