SB 1376 (Hill) - Transportation Network Companies (Uber and Lyft) Accessibility

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SB 1376 (Hill) passed the Legislature on Thursday, September 30, 2018. The bill, which establishes the TNC Access for All Act, makes a statewide commitment to move toward full accessibility of TNCs (most commonly known by the trade names Uber and Lyft). At its core, this bill creates a time-limited interim model to test and improve TNC accessibility through fostering local models and partnerships that will establish on-demand transportation programs to improve access to transportation options for individuals with disabilities. It funds that program through a five-cent fee, per ride, on those TNCs who are not ensuring accessibility to wheelchair users. 

We are asking all of you to take quick steps by Friday, September 7, 2018 to help make this bill law. We need to generate as much communication of support for SB 1376 by the end of the week to ensure the Governor knows that this bill has broad support from the disability community. You can use the Support Letter Template on your right to email the Governor.

Please take 5 minutes by Thursday to send an e-mail to the Governor’s staff and to the Governor, using these steps:

  1. Edit the Support Letter Template on your right to fill in your information. Please remove all text highlighted in yellow.
  2. Save the edited letter and send to
  3. Additionally, e-mail to the Governor by—
    1. Clicking here, and scrolling down to the bottom of the page, where it says, “Email the Governor.
    2. Click on “Have Comment.
    3. Complete your contact info, then go to “Please Choose Your Subject.” Scroll down to “SB01376\Transportation network companies: accessibility for persons with disabilities.”Click “Reply” if you’d like to confirm receipt of the e-mail, and then click “Continue.”
    4. On the next page, click “Pro.” Then copy and paste your edited letter into the box under “Write your e-mail.” Don’t worry about the signature line.
    5. Click “Send Email.”

It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete. Feel free also to use the text of your own letters of support for SB 1376. Just be sure to change the addressee and follow the above instructions to send.

Thank you again! Because of all of you, the bill passed. Now we just need to make it law.

Curtis L. Child
Legislative Director

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