DRC Etiquette for Virtual Meetings

DRC Etiquette for Virtual Meetings



DRC Etiquette for Virtual Meetings

Before the Meeting

  • Pick a place with little distraction.
  • Treat this like any in-person meeting.
  • Wear clothes that you would normally wear to an in-person meeting.
  • Light should be in front of you (not behind you).
  • Close window blinds behind you.

Be prepared

  • Review meeting agenda and documents in advance of meeting.
  • Do not multi-task.
  • Keep on topic and stay engaged.

Be on time

  • Join the meeting a few minutes early. For meeting security, you will be placed in a waiting room until the host opens the meeting.
  • Be ready to participate.

During the Meeting

  • Please respect the privacy of board and committee members by refraining from taking or sharing of pictures or screenshots at any DRC board or committee meeting.
  • The chat feature is enabled. For those using JAWS as their screen reader, you may disable the chat by pressing Alt+H.

Use the “Raise Your Hand” feature for comments or questions

  • This keeps attendees from speaking over one another.
  • When you are called on, unmute yourself, wave and say your name, and ask your question or make your comment.

MUTE until it is your turn to speak

  • Reduce background noise.
  • Listen when others are speaking.

How to Use the Raise Your Hand Feature

If you would like to make a comment or pose a question, please use the raise your hand feature (directions below).

  1. Click on the reactions button at the bottom of your Zoom Video screen.
  2. A reactions box will appear, the raise your hand button will be at the bottom of the reactions box, please click on it.
  3. The meeting host will monitor the raise your hand feature and will call on those in the order in which they are in the queue.

If you do not have access to the Zoom video controls and are calling in by telephone, use star(*) 6 to mute and unmute, and star(*) 9 to raise your hand.

NOTE! If you have or begin to experience video technical difficulties during the meeting, please leave the Zoom meeting and re-join by dialing the Zoom phone number provided. Privately notify the host and we will work with IT to resolve the issues after the meeting.