‘Inhumane’ Conditions at Santa Barbara County Jail?

Santa Barbara Independent
Media Coverage

"In a long-awaited action, a criminal justice advocacy group filed a class-action lawsuit against the Santa Barbara County Jail last week. Disability Rights California, a state-mandated organization, alleged jail staff provided “inhumane” and “unsanitary” living conditions for inmates. At least 10 people, many with serious health issues, have died in the jail in the last six years, the lawsuit states.

A report released by Disability Rights in February 2016 found Santa Barbara inmates spent excessive time in solitary confinement, had limited access to mental-health medication, did not receive responses to various requests, and had to sleep on the floor, among other troubling issues. The findings came after an exhaustive, months-long investigation, the first to take place in the Santa Barbara County Jail in eight years. Now, Disability Rights claims those problems have not been fixed."