Statement-Disability Rights California is Disheartened by the Country’s Significant Increase in Police Violence

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Statement-Disability Rights California is Disheartened by the Country’s Significant Increase in Police Violence

Disability Rights California is disheartened by the country’s significant increase in police violence. Our communities experienced the deadliest year of police violence in 2022, which has continued to grow in 2023.

This increase in violence must be viewed in context with our government’s continued choice to prioritize officer training and other reformist measures as the only solutions to the problem. However, we recognize that reform is not an adequate way to address the problems created by a system that was built to perpetuate the very type of harm that our communities continue to experience.

We must continue to demand the kind of society that we all deserve—one that equally recognizes and values the humanity of all people, especially Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and disabled communities.

We mourn the loss of Anthony Lowe, Keenan Anderson, Tyre Nichols, and all those who have died from police violence. We will continue to advocate for the expansion of community-led programs, services and investment in communities where law enforcement traditionally exercises power, as efforts to reform have not served to stem the tide of violence against Black communities. 

In the memory of all of those who were taken, we affirm our commitment to advocating for:

  1. Removal of police from places where we live, work, learn, socialize and receive disability services.
  2. A variety of stable community-based services that are always available when needed, not only during a crisis.
  3. An anti-racist legal system that will for the first time provide fairness and just results for all people.
  4. Community-led solutions for crime and other symptoms of community disinvestment.
  5. Increased investment in education, housing, re-entry services, employment, healthcare, transportation, and other resources that will help community members attain self-actualization.

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