Learn How Peer Self Advocates 'Keep the Flame Alive' In Their Work (Video)

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Learn How Peer Self Advocates 'Keep the Flame Alive' In Their Work (Video)

In this Fireside Chat the Peer Self-Advocacy team will have a talk about the services they provide to people receiving mental health treatment in locked facilities. They will speak about their experiences and what motivates them to ensure their work is responsive and sensitive to the unique needs of the individuals they serve. The PSA team invites you to share space with them as they participate in this conversation about how they Keep the Flame Alive in themselves and in the peers, they help to empower with their day-to-day educational trainings.

Fireside ChatLearn How Peer Self Advocates 'Keep the Flame Alive' In Their Work (Video)

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What is it like to work inside of a locked mental health facility? What is a peer self-advocate? Learn about all these questions and more in Peer Self Advocacy’s fireside chat.

Join PSA advocates Debi, Jode, Claire, and Maria as they share how they “keep the flame alive,” working in locked facilities, and how their own lived experiences inform their work. 

PSA trainer Claire Hader said, “Seeing yourself reflected in the people that work with you is very empowering. It’s important for people that we work with to see that people with similar life experiences are living rich and full lives, holding down jobs, and can navigate difficult situations.”

In honor of May is Mental Health Awareness month, we’re proud to uplift this conversation between DRC employees with personal connections to mental health disabilities. 

Fireside chat topics include:

  • Why peer self-advocacy is important
  • How self-advocacy is different from peer support
  • What motivates the speakers in their work
  • How to promote a culture of empowerment
  • The benefits of having peer self-advocates in locked facilities