J.R. v. Oxnard School District

Systemic Failure to Identify and Serve Students with Special Needs

J.R. v. Oxnard School District

This class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of students with disabilities from working class, primarily Spanish speaking families who have been denied their rights to required educational supports and services because the Oxnard School District fails to ensure that it appropriately identifies and timely evaluates students for special education.

Rather than making timely referrals for special education assessments when students exhibit signs of a disability, the Districts relies on informal Student Success Team meetings, which result in little or no special education services or empty referrals that put the onus on parents to secure and pay for services for their children. The lawsuit seeks systemic reform of policies and practices to ensure that students who require special education services are timely identified and served.

Case Name: J.R. v. Oxnard School District

Court and Case Number: United Stated District Court, Central District

Judge: Hon. John A. Kronstadt

Co-Counsel: Learning Rights Law Center, Law Office of Shawna L. Parks

Significant Court Documents

Class Certification Motion
Second Amended Complaint

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