Chanda Smith V. Los Angeles Unified School District

Systemic Improvement to LAUSD’s Special Education Programs and Services

Chanda Smith is the 1993 seminal class action lawsuit against Los Angeles Unified School District that has served as a blueprint for establishing a comprehensive system for delivery of special education supports and services to students with special needs.

As a result of the litigation, LAUSD students have enjoyed district-wide improvements in identifying eligible students, timey assessment and individualized education program planning, access to related services, inclusion and placement in the least restrictive setting.

Case Name: Chanda Smith v. Los Angeles Unified School District

Court and Case Number:United States District Court, Central District of California, 93-7044 RSWL

Judge: Hon. Ronald S.W. Lew

Co-Counsel: Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman

Significant Court Documents

Independent Monitor's Progress Report, Fall 2017
Independent Study of LAUSD Service Delivery to Students with Special Needs

Settlement Documents

2003 Modified Consent Decree