Equal opportunity is more than a policy to us. 100% of our clients have a disability. Many of them come from underserved communities, such as multicultural and LGBT. We are able to effectively interact with our clients by hiring employees who understand the needs of these communities.

Here are our employee numbers:

  • 61% of our employees identify as persons of color
  • 38% of our employees identify as people with disabilities
  • 11% of our employees identify as LGBT

How we make a difference

We are proud that we make a difference for Californians with disabilities. We do that in a number of ways. We represent clients at hearings and file lawsuits. We develop materials and make referrals. We train people and help them become self-advocates. We work for public policy changes. We investigate abuse and neglect.  Our clients’ stories tell about our successes. See our Annual Reports for their stories.