Vietnamese Speaking Families Gather to Get One-on One Advocacy Assistance on Their Individual Program Plan (IPP)


Vietnamese-Speaking Families gathered at a local community church in Orange County to learn about “Your IPP Rights.” The Outreach Unit teamed up with staff from the Office of Clients’ Rights Advocacy (OCRA) to provide one-on-one legal assistance to the 17 Vietnamese-speaking families that came to hear about regional center services.

Outreach team member Tho Vinh Banh presented on “Your IPP Rights,” while Leilani Pfeifer, Callie Frye, Raymond Kwong and Leo Alfaro assisted in the day’s logistics from signing in participants, to providing materials, collecting surveys, and providing support throughout the day. 

Participants learned about the IPP: what it should contain how to request an IPP meeting, and their rights to receive the IPP in their native language.

Photo of Vietnamese speaking families in a classroom environment.

In addition, OCRA staff held a clinic so parents could talk with the Client Rights’ Advocate from their regional center area. Client Rights’ Advocates Jackie Dai from East Los Angeles Regional Center, Jacqueline Miller from Orange County Regional Center, Aimee Delgado from Pomona Regional Center, and Marsha Johnson from Harbor Regional Center provided the one-on-one legal assistance to 17 Vietnamese-speaking families who needed help.  

The parent group asked DRC to come back and wanted additional trainings in the future.