Transition to Adulthood for Spanish Speaking Parent Group


All families must be prepared for their child to transition from the public school system into the adult world. The goal for any family is to ensure that their child is prepared for the future. For families with children with developmental disabilities it is very important to have the knowledge of what transition to adulthood means and what resources are available to help the child become as independent as possible. For parents that speak Spanish, it can be more difficult to understand when to start planning, how to determine appropriate goals, and what resources, supports and services are available before, during, and after transitioning occurs. 

On September 28, 2015, OCRA presented a workshop in Spanish on transition to adulthood to the Orange County Spanish speaking parent group, Fiesta Educativa. OCRA presented an overview of what an Individualized Transition Plan was and how to assist their child in being an active participant in creating their goals and individualized plan for the future. Post-secondary education, integrated employment, SSI, independent living and community participation were some of the topics discussed with the parents. During the discussion, parents were provided answers to their many questions about different aspects of transition planning. Parents expressed that they had obtained information they needed to help their child to prepare for the future. Parents were also happy to know that they could call OCRA and speak to a Spanish speaking advocate regarding any future questions.