SSDI is Reinstated and a $45,000 Overpayment is Cleared


Joe contacted OCRA when he received an overpayment notice that said he owes Social Security more than $45,000. Although Joe has been a regional center consumer for most of his life, Social Security determined that his disability had ended because he earned too much money in certain months. Because Social Security had already paid him for all of those months, he was overpaid $45,000 in SSDI benefits. OCRA assisted Joe in completing forms to show that he had subsidies in his past employment that should have been considered when determining the total amount of his earnings. If Social Security had factored in his subsidy, then his benefits would not have been terminated and he would not have been overpaid. OCRA asked Social Security to reopen Joe’s benefit termination case, apply the subsidy information, reinstate his benefits, and clear his overpayment. Social Security found that Joe’s disability never ended and cleared his overpayment within a few weeks. Joe also began to receive his SSDI checks again.