Sean Remains Eligible for Medi-Cal after an Unlawful Termination


Sean contacted OCRA after he went to pick up his medication prescription and found out he was no longer eligible for Medi-Cal benefits. OCRA assisted Sean in filing an appeal. The appeal stated that Sean had not received proper notice of the Medi-Cal termination and that even if the county determined that Sean was no longer eligible under his current Medi-Cal program, the county failed to review his eligibility for other Medi-Cal programs. OCRA negotiated with the county appeals specialist to show that Sean was eligible for Medi-Cal under the 250% Working Disabled Program. The county agreed and reinstated his Medi-Cal eligibility back to the date that he was incorrectly terminated. OCRA helped Sean understand the Conlan Claim process to obtain reimbursement for the medications he paid for out of his own pocket. Sean will continue to access his medications and medical treatments.