School Psychologists Learn About Alternatives to Conservatorship


OCRA has worked closely with a large high school district over several years to educate families of transition-age regional center consumers about alternatives to conservatorship. The district representative shared that she has seen a shift in the attitudes of parents and staff about conservatorship as a result of OCRA’s outreach over the years. Parents and district staff shared that school psychologists speak of conservatorship as a routine or inevitable step for a young person with a disability. OCRA arranged to speak to the school psychologists in the special education department at one of their monthly meetings. OCRA presented a brief overview of the conservatorship process and information about alternatives to conservatorship. The group discussed hypothetical situations to study how the alternatives might help students with different needs, abilities, and family situations. The psychologists participated in a lively discussion about the alternatives and asked insightful questions. They provided positive feedback on the training and are now prepared to keep less restrictive alternatives to conservatorship in mind when speaking to families about how to prepare for the transition to adulthood.